Fallen Heroes. A studio our clients are referring to as 'next-level', and a place we call home. Bringing you excellence in hygiene, mind-blowing levels in body art that's incomparable, and an unforgettable experience, we have one common goal - to make you even more ridiculously good looking. Specialising in custom work, we invite you to come on down and join our ever-growing portfolio, as we carve your dreams in history.

At Fallen Heroes, we believe in evolution - which is why we have done our best to evolve our studio to the next level, growing in tune with a flourishing industry.

There is no aspect of your visit that we haven't taken into consideration - tattooing is no longer the bastion of sailors and bikers, and we've adapted to give you a warm and comfortable client experience. You're choosing an artwork to carry with you forever, and we're dedicated to making it.

We have eight great artists to choose from, which makes for a versatile shop portfolio. Tattooing is pushing the boundaries as an art form every day, and all of our artists are driven by the desire to constantly better themselves. We're confident that between us we can tackle almost any style you might be interested in - but more so, we have a deep enough respect for both the art of tattooing and our customers, to know when to steer you in a better direction.

With experience in multiple shops both locally and abroad, we've put our heads together to push our hygiene standards to the limits. While there are no hazmat suits in effect, all of our disposable supplies are high quality and single use - and our day to day equipment is after each use run through an ultrasonic cleaner, a rigorous scrubbing procedure, packaged and autoclaved. The rest of the studio is subjected to hospital standard disinfection before and after every procedure.

But it's not for us to sit and sing our own praises - take some time to browse our portfolios, and come down and visit the shop yourself, and have the experience.