Jade Alexandra

Jade Alexandra is young in years but not experience. Having started her artistic career in the field of Make Up artistry, having worked as a lecturer and also on the sets of big budget International films.

Jade has always been artistic and has always wanted to find a career in the arts. When she returned from her time in Seattle at a sought after art school (University Prep) she wanted to get involved in an art based career. She was exposed to make up artistry by her friends. 

As she delved deeper she realised I didn’t relate to the “pretty-pretty” aspect of make up and so specialised in body painting. This allowed her to explore a more gory and expressive side of the make-up industry, from here she began her career as a sought after body painter, all the while painting murals in order to keep up her artistic skills and make ends meet. 

Her body painting career brought her to the door of Fallen Heroes Tattoo//Art, where she was asked to participate in the FH Black launch . Her artistic skills caught the eye of all of the artists in the studio and Jade was offered an apprenticeship under Thys Uys, business owner and top South African tattoo artist. 

After being put through her paces as an apprentice, Jade settled into her place as a tattoo artist at Fallen Heroes Red, putting out the superior work that is expected from the studio. Whilst she dabbles in all styles at this stage of her career, her preference is realism and sacred geometry.