Jinx is an international artist who has recently returned to South Africa after a few years of tattooing abroad. \n\nHer passion has always been centred around the creative field. After getting her first tattoo in high school, her fascination with the art of tattooing began.\n\nTo Jinx, tattooing is the purest form of art, as you have one chance to get it right, and there are no erasers at the back of your machine.\n\nAfter high school Jinx earned her degree in fashion- all the while looking for an apprenticeship. She knew fashion was not the sole direction she wanted to be heading. Eventually the persistence paid off, and she started an apprenticeship- and so started her journey in the tattoo industry.\n \nShe has a great appreciation of finer detail and photo realism, and applies these principles to her work. \n\nShe draws inspiration from many artists, aspiring to meet their high standards with her own tattoos whilst maintaining the attitude that everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow within the field.