Candi (Ling)

At a young age, Ling became interested in the art of tattooing, she was inspired by the artwork, culture and lifestyle that seemed to accompany it.
She has always wanted to be a tattoo artist and with a background in art and special effects make-up giving her a different approach, as well as having paid her dues as a shop assistant and apprentice for several years, she is a well rounded and incredibly knowledgeable regarding the ins and outs of tattooing.
This girl has most certainly paid her dues and believes in earning your place in the industry.
Whilst she hasn’t been tattooing for as long as the senior artists in store, she has a keen eye, her work is as neat as a pin and she has many a satisfied client under her belt
She finds the most rewarding part of the tattooing experience to be the client’s reaction, and seeing just how happy they are when they see her great work.  She is one to watch and is making great strides in both her visual art and her tattoos.