Ze Simoes is an award winning tattoo artist who has just returned to Fallen Heroes after spending the last three years travelling abroad. During this time, he co-founded Red Ram Tattoo studio in Portugal, and has tattooed at many prestigious European tattoo conventions. This opened the door for interesting collaborations with other European tattoo artists.
 The art of tattooing initially sparked an interest for him in high school. Prior to this he always had a fascination with art in its various forms. His journey into the tattoo world began in 2009 and he has been putting ink to skin since 2011. Ze specialises in realism, ideally using a modern photography style with a subtle dark twist.
“My driving force in most activities is to strive for perfection and to be able to learn, I believe people should never stop pushing to be better at their given tasks and I apply this mentality to my tattooing, I love a challenge.” - Ze Simoes.